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July 11, 2016 (evening)

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About Us 

The Canadian Dorper Sheep Association, is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the establishment of profitable Dorper breeding stock and a Dorper influenced (read: naturally shedding sheep) meat industry in Canada by providing member education, industry promotion, research and market expansion. 

These are the objectives of the CDSA as per our bylaws:

  • Promote Dorper Sheep in Canada
  • Provide assistance and information to producers relating to the care, breeding and history of the Dorper Sheep
  • Encourage and facilitate co-operation and support among Dorper owners
  • Encourage and facilitate the collection, compilation, preservation and publication of data, information and documents relating to Dorper Sheep
  • Provide information on Dorper Sheep to any interested persons.

 We hope that you enjoy your visit and will join this great association.

The Canadian Dorper Sheep Association (CDSA) wish to recognize the of the following charter  members for their contribution to the founding of  CDSA.  

Tim & Jean Hamm, Grant & Bonnie McMillian, Don & Marline Michell

Don & Judy Normandeau, Adolph & Lorraine Radmacher

Ruby & Henry Soderberg, Gerald & Dorthy Stauber, Meg Thacker

Lyle & Hanny Webber, Rod Westman

Check back with us often – every effort is being made to keep our website current and interesting with lots of information. 

The Dorper Advantage 
Photo by Maryse Bernier. August 2014

Advantages and Attributes of Dorper Sheep

Low Maintenance / Easy Management

  • No shearing
  • Extremely docile
  • Small vigorous lambs at birth = easy lambing
  • Well-muscled without the hassles of double-muscling
  • Low susceptibility to internal and external parasites


  • Early maturing lambs that can be ready for market at 12 weeks at around 40 kg
  • Excellent carcass with a dressing percentage of 50%+
  • Strong demand for Dorper and Dorper-cross lamb
  • Excellent demand for Dorper rams as terminal sires

Desirable Breeding Habits

  • Rams high in libido - High fertility and fecundity
  • Strong mothering and protective instincts
  • Excellent milk production throughout ewe’s lifetime
Maryse Bernier - Community TV of Waterloo  

Bienvenue sur le site de la Ferme Bernier Campbell

Farm Bernier Campbell and Sweet Corn
Series:  Feeding the world
1st realeased:  2013-09-19
Duration 0:28:00

We visit the farm Bernier Campbell Roxton Pond.   Maryse Bernier we present the production is distinguished by the choice of breeds that are student, especially in beef, lamb in the kid.
It produces cattle for breeding in addition to selling at the farm, quality meats popular toMontreal.
The program is also provided in the good smells sweet corn that the host Richard Semmelbaack prepares various creative ways to maintain freshness and nutritional values.  We also meet fans of Indian corn to talk about their passion in the formula vox pop.

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